New Quartz Coin Can Store 360TB of Data for 14 Billion Years

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By shaneb_007 / November 11, 2018

Now, you don’t have to worry about what will happen to your data after those 300 millions years are up—researchers have upped the storage and lifespan of the quartz glass. Your data can be stored safely for 14 billion years.

Let’s get some perspective:

  • The Earth is 4.534 billion years old

  • The Universe is 13.82 billion years old

With this in mind, your data is essentially safe forever.


Researchers at Southamton University in the UK have developed the technique of storing data digitally using laser light. 360 terabytes of information can fit on one sliver of nanostructured quartz. With this tech, we can store literally the whole of human history.

The technique uses femtosecond laser pulses to write data in the 3D structure of quartz at the nanoscale. The pulses create three layers of nanostructred dots, each just microns above the other.

The changes in the structure can be read by interrogating the sample with another pulse of light and recording the orientation of the waves after they’ve passed through.

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